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This site provides access to a variety of theatre areas world-wide and con-
sists of the following two sections:

// On Theatre

General information on theatre issues and the performing arts. Each of the following topics includes links to infor-
mation concerning a specific aspect of «theatre»:

// Access to Theatre Areas

You will find a growing collection of links to specific theatre areas («Specific Areas»), corresponding to the five continents («Greater Areas») and referring to the following categories:

1. general access (portals etc.)
2. programmes and tickets for events (e.g. performances, productions, and festivals)
3. theatre venues
4. traditions
5. groups
6. historical backgrounds
7. literature
8. online texts (mainly English, but also other languages, depending on the area accessed)
9. playwrights
10. newspapers, magazines, journals
11. theatre societies, theatre museums

In addition to these categories, quotes are also available from some of the linked pages that mainly provide an his-
torical background of the accessed area.

«theatre areas» – accessing
digital theatre resources

Our Definition of the Concepts
«Access» and «Areas»

Arguments for Visiting a Theatre
Although you don't Understand
the Language of Performance


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